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Parents that are currently facing divorce, or going through a divorce, may have heard a lot of “rumors” online from other parents about child custody in Texas. To separate the facts from these rumors, here are 10 myths about child custody in Texas. We are sharing what the actual truth is when it comes to child...


If you are in the process of a divorce, mediation can be very beneficial for both parties. For divorced couples, mediation can be helpful when issues resurface or new disputes arise regarding custody or financial issues. Depending on how complicated your divorce is, you will have to decide if mediation is the right choice for...


Making the decision to adopt is not only a happy decision but also a rewarding one as well. Not to deter but it is true, that there are quite a few steps to get through the adoption process. It is important to have a trusted team that can help and support you through the entire...


When you begin the divorce process, your Texas divorce lawyer will explain what may happen each step of the way. One thing they may discuss with you is the different ways a processor can deliver divorce papers to your spouse. Since this is a legal process, there is a correct way to serve divorce papers in Texas....


Texas is one of the states that recognize common law marriage. Also known as marriage without formalities or informal marriage, common law marriage is defined as when couples live together and present themselves to friends, family, and the community as ‘being married.’ However, they have never gone through a formal wedding ceremony and do not have...


A popular term is making its way around the family law industry – Gray Divorce. This is also sometimes referred to as a Silver Splitter or a Diamond Divorce. Whichever term you prefer, a gray divorce happens when a couple over the age of 50 is divorcing. Divorce is complicated enough on its own, but ending a...


Although we often don’t like to admit it, we all love a little juicy gossip sometimes. Especially when a high-profile celebrity has announced their divorce. Recently, in the news, there has been Jeff Bezos and his estranged wife MacKenzie. Then Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the news on what seems like a daily basis....

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