For decades, people have enjoyed watching soap operas, but most people don’t want  their lives turn into one — and especially not their divorces. Divorcing couples are notorious for not being clear headed because a failed marriage often means heartbreak and disappointment, if not anger and upset.

It’s also a fact that marital conflict harms children. In some instances, intact marriages characterized by unresolved conflict are more harmful to children than divorces where issues resolve and parents can be friendly and civil.

That said, we understand that divorce isn’t easy. During a lawsuit, an essential part of a lawyer’s job is providing you with reasonable and sound legal advice. Most lawyers listen quietly to a client venting about marital upsets, but it’s important not to denigrate your spouse and spread your upset all over the internet or through texts, tweets, Facebook or other forms of social media. Doing so can also be detrimental to your case.

Here are some actions that may help you avoid a messy divorce:

  • Contact a divorce attorney. When you realize you’re headed for divorce, find a divorce lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and begin discussing your reasons for divorce as soon as possible.
  • Start planning your divorce. Put some planning into place and don’t act on impulse. Provide as many financial details as possible. Discuss your goals, the outcome you hope to achieve and any problems you foresee with divorcing your spouse. Will you stay in the family home? What grounds are best for pursuing divorce? Will you seek joint custody or sole custody of your children?
  • Consider the timing. Until your lawyer advises, don’t tell your spouse that you’re filing for divorce. For financial or tax purposes, it may be wise to wait until after December 31 to file for divorce. You should also discuss the best way to tell your spouse that you’ve initiated divorce proceedings.

Our attorneys C.E. Borman & Associates are here to guide you every step of the way and by following our legal advice, we strive to help you make your divorce as simple and low key as possible.