For many people, divorce is their first contact with a lawyer. When you don’t know what to expect, the idea of taking legal action can be unnerving.

In fact, the whole action of divorce often seems overwhelming. The financial, emotional and lifestyle changes associated with divorce aren’t easy. Even so, you can step back, breathe deeply and relax because the professional skills and experience a divorce lawyer provides will help you understand the legal process. Attorneys help you resolve divorce related problems. We have compassion for your situation while offering firm and effective legal guidance.

When you make an appointment to consult with a lawyer, you are required to give your full name and contact information. Lawyers have to be careful not to create any conflicts of interest. Even though everything you say is kept confidential, a lawyer can’t represent you and your husband or another family member at the same time in a legal matter. That would create a conflict of interest, and therefore, it’s important to know who you are.

While you may feel like you’re stepping into the dentist’s office for a tooth extraction, we assure you the chances of encountering a waiting room full of people are not likely. We work to keep your matters as private as possible, even when waiting to see your attorney.

You can expect your lawyer to ask lots of personal questions. By fully understanding your situation, a law firm can give you the best legal advice and guidance. We’ll want to know about your reasons for considering divorce and the events that led to up the marriage breakdown. We’ll want to know about your minor children and whether you have had a previous divorce or marriage and if children were involved. We’ll discuss your assets and liabilities so we can get an idea of the issues you face concerning property division. We’ll also explain costs and fees. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about divorce issues and get our legal opinion.

At C.E. Borman & Associates we work closely with you and do our best to deal with all aspects of your Texas divorce.