Did you know there was nine times the number of single fathers in 2011 than in 1960?

This fact comes from a Pew Research Center article called “The Rise of Single Fathers.” In 2011 more than 2.6 million men in the United States were single fathers. In 1960, fathers headed 14 percent of single households, and today the percentage is 24 percent, almost one quarter of total households.

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What are some comparisons between single fathers and single mothers?

  • More single fathers (41%) cohabit with a partner than single mothers (14%)
  • Single fathers are higher paid than single mothers
  • Only 24% of single fathers live below the poverty line
  • An estimated 43% of single mothers live below the poverty line
  • Most single fathers are less educated than single mothers
  • Most single fathers are Caucasian
  • Most single fathers are older than single mothers

What are the reasons for the increase in single fathers?

  • Higher divorce rates
  • Increase in non-marital births
  • Changes in the legal system

Today, fathers are more apt to challenge the legal system and demand their rights to custody than they were back in the 1960’s. In past years, when a mother didn’t want to raise the children, it was common for the grandparents to step forward as custodians.

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