foster kids and college

Foster care kids have a wonderful college opportunity available in Texas. Texas has a waiver program where they can go to an instate college and have their tuition and fees waived. They can even do this if they’ve been in the foster program and were at some point adopted.

Yet, KENS5 reported that sadly, most former foster care kids aren’t using the Texas tuition waivers.

Facts About the Tuition Waiver Program

The Texas High Education Coordinating Board provided numbers that showed only 3,195 out of about 50,000 foster children eligible for waivers used them during the last school year. This is only about six percent of eligible foster kids who take advantage of the waiver program.

How Does the College Program for Foster Care Kids Work?

Any youth who spent time in the state foster care program can apply for full tuition and fee waiver at in-state institutions. They must apply before reaching age 25.

Reasons Foster Kids Don’t Take Advantage of the College Program

According to Turning Point, when many foster kids reach 18, they’re used to having no control over their lives. They don’t have the support system behind them that most kids who go to college have. Turning Point is a non-profit organization that offers transitional living for foster care teenagers,

One student said many foster kids have no interest in going to school. She was in and out of 20 foster homes before she was adopted at 16. She said foster parents just want you out of the house, and she became interested in the tuition waiver program through Roy Maas Youth Alternatives. Roy Maas Youth Alternatives is a San Antonio non-profit that provides services and counseling for abused children.

The Commissioner of Higher Education released a statement that said his commission works with colleges, universities and stakeholder groups. They work to promote the waiver program information so former foster care students know about it.

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