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Squabbling over the Little Things

Property division during divorce can often be riddled with conflict. When you’re in the heat of emotion, you may want to fight over everything you own. In your mind, your soon-to-be ex-spouse doesn’t deserve anything. In many instances, this is just a continuation of why you’re getting divorced. If you could’ve resolved your differences, perhaps divorce wouldn’t be on the table.

From this perspective, it’s not surprising that resolving issues during divorce can be challenging. But you don’t have to face divorce alone. An attorney or mediator can help you negotiate a settlement and avoid the high expense of litigation.

Keeping a level head and working with your lawyer to resolve conflicts over property can literally save you thousands of dollars. The value of the furniture you’re fighting over probably pales compared with the legal fees to fight it out in court.

Emotional Attachments to Possessions

Some personal possessions may have sentimental value to you or your spouse. A wedding gift from a close friend, an art piece hanging on the wall or a Christmas gift given to both of you by your parents can be part of a cherished memory. You may feel it’s your right to keep that object.

Here’s something to keep in mind. As stated an About Relationships article, when you leave property division up to a judge, the judge doesn’t consider your sentimental attachment and then convert it into monetary value. You’re much better off arriving at your own agreement or working something out through your attorneys or a mediator than leaving it up to the court.

Take a Practical View

As difficult as it may seem to set emotions aside, taking a practical view of your property often helps couples avoid property division battles. Discuss what the projected litigation expenses would be with your attorney. Consider the sacrifices necessary to pay for litigation expenses and how this would affect your lifestyle. Then ask yourself, “Is the litigation worth it?”

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