Recently, Americans and especially Texans have seen the name Chris Kyle in the media, during a trial, on the New York Times Best Sellers list and in the movies.

Chris Kyle was born and raised in Texas, and like many young boys in our state, he learned to shoot and hunt at the same time he was learning to read and write. When he decided to become a Navy SEAL, his shooting skills were finely honed and proven. He became known as “The Legend” among fellow soldiers. Many have considered him the most lethal sniper in American military history and he carries the record for the greatest number of kills. From 1999 to 2009 he served four tours during the War on Iraq, fulfilling his mission to take out terrorists who were in the act of launching  RPGs, throwing grenades or otherwise trying to kill his fellow soldiers.

After serving for a decade as a Navy SEAL, he realized his marriage was breaking down, and he decided to end his military career. He had spent very little time with his wife and children, and his family had suffered hardships through his absence. It became clear that to preserve the love for his family, he had to choose between love of country and love of family. He chose family and subsequently walked away from his military career, receiving an honorable discharge.

In his autobiography, American Sniper, Chris takes us through the horrors of war, the sacrifices of families and the honor owed to unsung heroes, who never receive enough acknowledgment for their courageous actions in battle. Despite his incredible record as a sniper, what kept Chris awake at night were regrets about the soldier’s lives he wished he could’ve saved. Chris had a good heart and loved his fellow soldiers. After entering civilian life, he found purpose and meaning by helping rehabilitate service members who were suffering from PTSD and war-related problems.

In February of 2013, Chris tragically lost his life when a mentally unstable ex-marine, whom he and another fellow veteran were trying to help, deliberately fired an automatic rifle, killing them both.

At C.E. Borman & Associates, our attorneys want to pay tribute to Chris Kyle’s courage, his dedication and his love of country and family.