Child Support Modification Attorneys Bryan Texas

You often hear the word “enforcement” used in divorce cases. Enforcement is the legal action you can take to enforce compliance with a court order. More than any other aspects of divorce, child support payments are prone to requiring enforcement.

You’re not alone if you’re having problems receiving child support. According to an article published by KXAN last September, close to $15 billion was owed in Texas child support. Police authorities had warrants for parents’ arrests because they failed to show up in court or failed to communicate with the Texas Attorney General’s Office about owed support. Deputies said one man in East Austin owed $16,000 in child support, and in some counties, unpaid child support ranged from as low as $1,400 to $200,000.

Warrants for arrest are not generally the first resort in enforcing child support payment. Your attorney can help you with collecting child support and bring the matter to the court’s attention. Property liens and wage garnishment are other legal ways to make sure you get the child support you’re owed. A warrant for arrest is issued after a court hearing is held and the parent fails to appear or the Texas Attorney General’s Office makes unsuccessful attempts to contact the spouse who should be paying support first. However, the Texas Attorney General’s Office had greater success with collecting back owed support last year than the year before. By September 2015, the AGO had collected more than $3.9 billion, which was a $186 million increase over the previous year.

If you have issues with receiving child support, our attorneys at C.E. Borman & Associates are glad to discuss enforcement and advise the best approach to deal with the matter.