Technology makes all kinds of things in our lives easier. If you’re delayed in traffic, you can call the other party about the delay using your cell phone. You can use your phone to check the weather, keep track of things on your schedule, receive alerts or reminders, and the list goes on. You’ll be glad to know that now there’s even an app that makes co-parenting easier.

An App for Co-Parenting

You may not realize that organizing information plays a big role in co-parenting. It’s a fact that confusion often underlies disputes, and having an organized approach can help you not just avoid confusion, but ultimately avoid conflict as well.

Family Wizard is an application that keeps track of shared custody and visitation schedules, expenses, messaging, health records, school information and more.

Our Family Wizard Co-Parenting App

Parents and Children Can Both View the Schedule

When everyone, including parents and children, have easy access to the parenting schedule through an app on their phones, this is so much easier than checking a schedule on paper in your home. Wherever they are at the time, parents and children can click on the calendar and see instantly the date, time and place for visitation. Are you wondering what the holiday schedule is for parenting time with the kids? Check your phone. Both parents share the app and readily see what was agreed upon.

Send Messages Easily and Quickly to Make Adjustments

On your phones, you and your ex have the parenting schedule based on the court ordered agreement. As scheduling conflicts arise, you can use the application to request trading custody days or asking to forfeit a parenting time visit. Your ex receives a notification and is asked to approve or refuse the request. Your ex can even suggest a different option. You can also print the calendar and documentation if you wish.

If you have questions about custody or co-parenting and need legal advice, C.E. Borman & Associates ( is glad to help you resolve your issues.